Industrial Services

Aerofood ACS provides catering services (Industrial Catering) for more than 40 leading companies in the hospital, manufacturing, office, school, learning center, warehousing, oil and gas industries. In addition to preparing nutritious dishes that meet the best safety standards in its class, the industrial catering business line also provides consulting services to assist Customers to meet the catering needs that have complete safety and health standard certification. With the support of 7 (seven) kitchens at major airports in Indonesia and 2 (two) satellite kitchens in Cilegon and Karawang, until today Aerofood ACS holds the predicate as a catering provider with the best complete certification in Indonesia.

Being the leading catering service provider for patients, patient attendants and employees in the hospital industry, the Company operates optimally with complete certification support and competent professionals in their fields. Through accurate Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) according to the customer business processes, Aerofood ACS has successfully supported hospitals in the process of receiving National Hospital Accreditation Certification (SNARS) and Joint Commission International (JCI).

In the mining, oil and gas industry, Aerofood ACS is recognized as a provider of catering services with the best safety standards that meet food needs with a wide variety of menus. To complement the integrated needs, Aerofood ACS also provides professional housekeeping and laundry services with the best hygiene standards.

“Ready to Serve Your Needs”


Our Facility Management Services provide maintenance and cleaning services for Factories, Hospitals, Office Buildings, Schools, Learning Centers, and Petroleum, Gas, & Mining Companies.

Our type of services:
1. Public Area Cleaning
2. Housekeeping Service
3. High Rise Cleaning
4. Gardening Service

Our Commitment:
1. Providing quality services that have high standards of cleanliness and sanitation.
2. Skilled employees who are trained regularly in a professional manner so they are able to work with the best method.
3. Using quality equipment and products to achieve maximum cleanliness and satisfaction.

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