Live Talk Show Program LPDP Institution Visit to Aerofood ACS

Cengkareng (22/2) Located at Aerofood ACS Building, The Education Fund Management Institution (LPDP) together with PT Aerofood Indonesia broadcasted a live Institutional Visit Talk Show attended by all LPDP participants, Departure Program (PK) PK-224 & PK-225, who are prospective Indonesian leaders prepared by LPDP.

In the talk show, I Wayan Susena, President Director of PT Aerofood Indonesia acted as a source person to share knowledge and experiences related to the business processes and sustainability strategies of Aerofood ACS for almost 50 years in the world of Catering Services, especially as a premium service provider of best-in-class aviation catering services.


He also advised all PK-224 & PK-225 Participants, that each participant must have the ability to be able to innovate and produce local heritage with creative spirit advancing the Nation and State of Indonesia.

The Education Fund Management Institution (LPDP) is committed to preparing future leaders and professionals and encouraging innovation for the realization of an advanced Indonesia through the management of the Education Endowment Fund