Aerofood ACS Attended The Aerowisata Group Sales Workshop

Jakarta (7/2) – Aerofood ACS attended the Aerowisata Group Sales Workshop.

The event which took place at the Asana Sincerity Dorm GITC Jakarta Ballroom was attended by the Board of Directors of Aerowisata, Directors of the Aerowisata Business Line, as well as all Sales & Marketing Department representatives from the Aerowisata Business Line namely Aerofood ACS, Aero Globe Indonesia, Aerowisata Hotels, Aero Jasa Cargo (KirimAja) , and AeroTrans.

The workshop entitled “Supercharge Your Sales. Better, Stronger, Faster, and Elevate” aims to sharpen Sales & Marketing strategies that will be implemented in facing challenges in 2023. The event opened with remarks from Mr. Beni Gunawan as the Main Director of Aerowisata and continued with a presentation work plan of each Business Line.

Aerofood ACS represented by Mr. Gatot Rajasa (Vice President Commercial & Services) presented the condition of the company which is currently divided into 4 segments, namely Inflight Catering, Industrial Catering, Retail and Laundry. In this 60-minute presentation, Aerofood ACS did not forget to describe the challenges that must be faced, especially in the catering & laundry sector, the resolutions to be achieved in 2023, as well as including the business potential that can be drawn from the relocation plan. capital to IKN Nusantara. The event continued with a question and answer session submitted by representatives of each Business Line.

The event was closed with the signing of the Aerowisata Group Work Commitment by each Business Line Director witnessed by Mr. Beni Gunawan. By carrying out this activity, it is hoped that it can add to the spirit of togetherness, as well as create a spirit of synergy to achieve targets and advance the Company within the Aerowisata Group environment.