Aerofood ACS Exclusive Romantic Dinner Service for Patients at Tzu Chi Hospital

Jakarta (13/2) – Aerofood ACS Exclusive Romantic Dinner Service for Patients at Tzu Chi Hospital

As a leading hospital catering service provider, Aerofood ACS continues to innovate in providing exclusive services through the Romantic Dinner for VIP class delivery patients at Tzu Chi Hospital.

Romantic Dinner is provided so patients can have a different experience while in the hospital. The Romantic Dinner service is available exclusively for VIPs at no additional charge for patients who deliver vaginally with the Romantic Dinner schedule held one day after delivery, while for patients who deliver by caesarean section it will be held two days post-surgery.

The type of food served at the Romantic Dinner refers to the standard composition of VIP patient meals at Tzu Chi Hospital with a choice of western menus including desserts, with an elegant appearance. The meal becomes more special considering that all food served at Tzu Chi Hospital is vegetarian.

“The basics still refer to the standard VIP composition at Tzu Chi Hospital, but with the appearance and service like a five-star hotel dish. In addition to elegant food, romantic nuances are also supported through table set up specially prepared by waiters and equipped with luxury tableware.” Said Hani Ambarwati as Operation Manager of Aerofood ACS Jakarta.

The appearance and presentation of five-star hotel-style food is the main focus of Aerofood ACS and Tzu Chi Hospital. So as to maximize service and maintain quality, Romantic Dinner is given to a maximum of two patients per day.

“So far, Tzu Chi Hospital patients are happy and give positive comments about the good taste of the food and the excellent staff service.” Hani said.

Romantic Dinner has been going on since the beginning of November 2022 and has become a regular service of hospital catering at Tzu Chi Hospital until now. Positive responses continue to appear both from patients who are satisfied with the services provided, and from hospital staff who give appreciation. The success of the Romantic Dinner cannot be separated from the role of Tzu Chi Hospital, which fully supports this innovation. Hani added, the active role of the hospital is needed and it is proven that Tzu Chi Hospital and Aerofood ACS have succeeded in making it happen.

The provision of this exclusive service is Aerofood ACS’s commitment to continue to provide fresh new things for customers, and strengthen Aerofood ACS’s position as a pioneer and trendsetter in the hospital catering industry.