On November 5th, 2020, took place at the Grand Ballroom of the Ritz Carlton Hotel Mega Kuningan Jakarta, Mr. Marcello Massie as the Aerofood ACS Director of Commercial, won an award as The BEST CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) -BUMN BRANDING AWARD in the personal communication category. BUMN (State Owned Enterprise/SOE) branding award is a prestigious award held by BUMN Track in collaboration with well-known consultant ARBEY Consulting.

The category of winners for BUMN Branding and Marketing is divided into three sectors, namely SOE, SOE Subsidiaries and SOE Tbk.

The judging process for BUMN Branding and Marketing for BUMN 2020 took place in two stages, first stage , filling out the questionnaire on September 8-October 6 2020. Furthermore, participants who passed the selection stage 1 continued with presentation and interview sessions before the jury on October 13-21, 2020.

Different from previous years, the process of filling out questionnaires and judging is done online through the zoom meeting application.

Even though the Covid -19 pandemic hit and had a negative impact on business people in the tourism industry including Aerofood ACS, the creative spirit to innovate and survive was maintained. One of the product developments created by Aerofood ACS is FLY WITH MEALS. Through this product, people can enjoy airplane food and reminisce about the holiday atmosphere by airplane without having to spend a lot of money on airplane tickets. In addition, the product development carried out by Aerofood ACS is the development of the 80 degrees Laundry for shoes and bags.

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