Jakarta, Aerofood ACS - Located at the Aerowisata Building, Aerowisata held Director handover ceremony of PT Aerofood Indonesia/Aerofood ACS. The signing was done by Mr. Budi Santoso, previous (acting) President Director of PT Aerofood Indonesia, Mr. Ferry Toga , previous Finance Director of PT Aerofood Indonesia, Mrs. Grace Purukan , New President Director of PT Aerofood Indonesia and Mr. Sumedi as the new Finance and IT Director. The signing was witnessed by Mr. Gatot Satriawan, Director and management of PT Aero Wisata.

Please join us in welcoming Mrs. Grace Purukan as our new President and CEO! We wish her the best, and are excited to see what the future holds.

The new composition of Aerofood ACS Board of Director is as follows:
President Director: Mrs. Grace Purukan
Human Capital Director: Mr. Budi Santoso
Finance and IT Director: Mr. Sumedi


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