Boasting 47 years of experience as an internationally recognized airline catering provider, Aerofood ACS being a part of national flag carrier Garuda Indonesia has maintained its reputation in delivering premium services with best-in-class food and beverage products.

The success of the company stretches back to its establishment in 1974, during which the business was operated under the name PT Aero Garuda Dairy Farm in corporation with Hong Kong based Dairy Farm. Later the business changed its name to PT Angkasa Citra Sarana Catering Service, and in 1991 was operated under the brand ACS (Aerowisata Catering Services).

While propelling its businesses forward, in 2010 Aerowisata Group as the holding company launched a new brand logo to strengthen the images of the company and its subsidiaries. In the same year, PT Aerowisata Catering Services changed its name to PT Aerofood Indonesia with Aerofood ACS as the trademark. The new brand logo indeed shows stronger commitment that breathes out higher spirit to drive the Jakarta based Aerofood ACS to spread its wings wider.

Aerofood ACS has operated its branches in Jakarta, Denpasar, Surabaya, Medan, Balikpapan, Yogyakarta, Bandung and Lombok. Within this year of 2014, Pekanbaru branch is slated to commence Aerofood ACS operations.

Currently, Aerofood ACS employs more than 6,000 professionals and is regarded as the leader in its field, with premium quality products and in-flight logistic services delivered 40 international and domestic commercial airlines, as well as catering services to over 20 blue ribbon companies across Indonesia. Combined with the company’s outstanding customer-oriented approach, Aerofood ACS in 2013 earned a prestigious recognition as the 2013 Indonesian Airline Support Service Provider by Frost & Sullivan.

For the years to come, Aerofood ACS has set plans to continuously improve the service excellence by means of proactively seeking more business opportunities and developing more innovative approaches to stay ahead of market demands and expectations.

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The World Class Food Service Company


– To provide food and service solutions to meet customers delight
– To enhance organization capability by accelerating human capital development and innovating process & technology
– To maximize company’s values for stakeholders by achieving global recognition.

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Aerofood ACS Core Values ​​ business refer to AKHLAK.


Persistent to the trust given , guidance attitude :

1) Fulfill of promises and commitments.

2) Responsibility in tasks, decisions, and actions taken.

3) Having principle to moral and ethical values


Continue learning and develop capability, guidance attitude :

Improving self-competence to respond of challenging.

2) Helping others to learn.

3) Completed the tasks with the best quality.


Caring and respecting each other, guidance attitude :

1) Respect everybody whosever of their background.

2) Helping each other.

3) Build a conducive environment.


Dedicated and prioritizing Nation and the State, guidance attitude

1) Maintain goodwill of employees, leaders, BUMN, and the state.

2) Willing to sacrifice to achieve the purpose.

3) Follow the leader as long as not against the law and ethics.


Continuing to innovate and enthusiastic dealing with transformation, guidance attitude

1) Quick adaptive to be better attitude

2) Continuous improvement in regard technology developments

3) Act proactively


Building synergetic collaboration, guidance attitude :

1) Provide opportunities to everybody to  contribute

2) Working together to get some value added

3) Use various resources for common goals

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Organization Structure

Organization Structure

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Board of Managements

Board of Managements

Ade Ruchyat Susardi
President Commisioner

Born in Bandung, May 26, 1965, Ade Rachyat Susardi has been appointed as President Commissioner of PT Aerofood Indonesia based on result of RUPS (General Meetng Shareholders) Aerofood Indonesia on May 27, 2020 and continued his position based RUPS on August 25, 2021.

Currently, he also has a position as a Director of Service and Commerce at PT. Garuda Indonesia. Before that, He had some professional careers more than 25 years in Technology Information and Telecommunication, such as :   Director in several IT and Telecommunication Companies: Nokia Networks, Business and Development Director Telkomsel, Indosat and Telkom.

His educational background was bachelor of mechanical engineering from the University of Indonesia graduated in 1998.

Born in Jakarta, May 18, 1981 He appointed as Commissioner at PT Aerofood Indonesia based on the results of RUPS on October 31, 2022

He currently has a position as Director of Human Capital at Garuda Indonesia. Other professional positions he has held: Corporate Lawyer Lion Air Group (2012 - 2021), President Director of PT Enam Tujuh Group in the Construction Business Sector (2013 - 2019), Legal Expert at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources - Republic of Indonesia, President Director of PT Enam Tujuh Multikarya in the Human Resources Management Business Sector (2014 - 2017), Managing Partner of Enam Tujuh Law Offices (2016 - present), Legal Expert at PT Krakatau Steel (Persero) Tbk (2020 - July 2022), President Commissioner of PT Krakatau Posco (2022), President Director of PT Krakatau Daya Listrik (July 2022).

He completed his Bachelor of Communication education at Krisnadwipayana University, then continued the Notary Masters Program at Jayabaya University and Doctoral Program in Law at Jayabaya University.

Salman El Farisiy

M. Sukron 

Born in Demak, 26 April 1983, Muhammad Sukron is appointed as a Commissioner at PT Aerofood Indonesia based on RUPS  on 24 November 2020 and continued his position based on the results of the RUPS  on 25 August 2021.

He is active in various social organizations and has served as chairman in various community organizations including: chairman of PP Baitul Muslimin Indonesia, chairman of PP Pemuda Muhammadiyah, chairman of DPP KNPI (Indonesian Youth National Committee).

He was completed a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Muhammadiyah Malang graduated in 2007 and continued His master on  Mechanical Engineering program at Pancasila University graduated in 2020. Currently, he is pursuing a doctoral program at Padjadjaran University in the environmental science study program, with a concentration of energy.

Nila Oktaviany was born in Bandung, October 9, 1965.  She appointed as Commissioner at PT Aerofood Indonesia based on RUPS November, 24 2020 and continued her position based on RUPS August 25, 2021.

Currently she also works as an Environmental and Planning Consultant.  She has some experiences in Environment (holder certification of AMDAL KTPA), hospital master plan, training instructor in various environment field, CSR, FGD, etc. She is also active as an environmental researcher and some of her writings have been published in several media.

She is active in various NGO (Non-Government Organization), foundation and ITB Alumni.  She currently serves as a member Steering Committee ITB Alumni association period of 2021-2026.

Her educational background is a bachelor of Biology with a major in Ecology at Institute of Technology Bandung, graduating in 1991.

N. Nila Oktaviany 

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I Wayan Susena 
President Director

Born in Surabaya, February 7, 1968, I Wayan Susena was appointed as President Director of PT Aerofood Indonesia based on the General Meeting of Shareholders of PT Aerofood Indonesia on February 25, Agustus 2021.

Prior to his current position in PT Aerofood Indonesia, he had held several Director Positions at PT GMF Aero Asia and PT Garuda Indonesia, which were: President Director, Director of Business & Base Operations, Director of Base Operations at PT GMF Aero Asia, and Technical Director at Garuda Indonesia. He also received several awards including: The Best Aircraft Engineer (1997), The Best Employee (2003), and The Most Popular Subsidiaries Company Leader in Digital Media (2020).

I Wayan Susena was graduated from Sepuluh November Institute of Technology (ITS), Surabaya, on 1991 majoring Mechanical Engineering and continued his Masters in Management at STIM Jakarta, graduated in 2004.

Born in Malang, February 20, 1967, Mohammad Arief Wicaksono is appointed as Director of Finance & Human Capital PT Aerofood Indonesia based on the results of outside the General Meeting of Shareholders of PT Aerofood Indonesia on February 10, 2022.

Before his current position in PT Aerofood Indonesia, he had held several position as a Vice President of PT Bank CIMB Niaga Tbk, Commissioner and Director of BUMD in Malang Regency Government, Director of PT Peruri Wira Timur.

Mohammad Arief Wicaksono was graduated from Bogor Agricultural Institute majoring in Agricultural Socio-Economic Sciences, graduated in 1989 and continued his Masters in Management at Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, graduated in 2004.

Mohammad Arief Wicaksono 
Director of Finance & Human Capital

Emil Fadilah
Director of Operation

Born in Brebes, August 7, 1977 Emil Fadilah is appointed as Director of Operation PT Aerofood Indonesia based on the results of outside the General Meeting of Shareholders of PT Aerofood Indonesia on February 10, 2022.

Prior to his current position in PT Aerofood Indonesia, he started his career as Production & Operation Manager at PT Panamas Mitra Inti Lestari, Professional Trainer & Consultant at PPM Management as well as Division Head of PPM Public Training PPM Management, General Manager Industrial Catering, Vice President Industrial Catering, and Vice President Marketing & Business Development of PT Aerofood Indonesia.

Emil Fadilah was graduated from Diponegoro University, majoring in Civil Engineering, graduated in 1999 and continued his Masters in Management at PPM School of Management, Jakarta, graduated in 2001.

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Eniaswuri Andayani
Vice President Corporate Affair

Eko Riyanto Putra Daya
Vice President Corporate Finance

M. Ghazali Malik
Vice President Business Support

Vice President Human Capital

I Made Hendra Sastrawan
Vice President Operation & Services

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Company Policy Manual was developed with the intention to become a reference for the implementation of actions and decisions in PT Aero Wisata (hereinafter referred to as Aerofood) in the operations. The preparation was done by continuing and refining the policies that have been there, and equip it so that more relevant again with the current situation and plans for activities in the future.

Company Policy Manual Aerofood is the highest ranking in the hierarchy of two levels of Goods Policy. At the second stage there is a set of Functional Policy, among others: HR, Operations, Information, Finance & Accounting, Risk Management and other Functional Policy are described in the Standard Operating Procedure.

Company Policy Manual includes the core rules are used, and is a reference to all policies, systems, standard operating procedures and guidelines. Policy is a set of functional descriptions of the policies that apply at the Company, which jointly serve as the reference in the management and implementation of all systems and procedures.

In addition to being a reference in execution of its activities, the Company Policy Manual also serves as a guide in conducting surveillance, and simultaneously became the criteria that examiners in assessing the validity (validity) of all decisions and regulations issued by the Company. Regulations, decisions or statements of any kind is also contrary to the contents of this Corporate Policy Manual thus declared invalid. Accordingly, the Company Policy Manual Aero Tours intact function in the regulation of the Company.

Company Policy Manual is prohibited reprinted, copied or reproduced in any way without the written consent of the Director. Any additions or repairs Company Policy Manual must obtain written approval from the Board of Directors and acknowledged by the Board of Commissioners.


Aerofood committed to implementing practices of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) in achieving its vision and mission Aerofood. Business Ethics and Conduct Guidelines This is one form of commitment. This guide sets out the values (values) into the interpretation of eminent

Aerofood behavior related to Business Ethics and Conduct.

Aerowisata applicable ethical standards based on the values Aerowisata believed to be of superior value, namely FLY-HI, which include: efficient & effective, Loyalty, customer centricitY, openness and Honesty & Integrity in business and behave in relation with the motto “One Team One Spirit One Goal. The man of Aerowisata encourage all to always uphold and implement value-FLY-HI values.

Business Ethics and Conduct Guidelines are structured to be a reference to the Commissioners, Directors, Leaders, and Staff, as Insan Aerofood manage to achieve the vision, mission and objectives Aerowisata.


Good Corporate Governance is a process and structure used by the organs of the company to increase the success of efforts to create shareholder value over the long term with due regard to the interests of other stakeholders, based on legislation and ethical values.

The process of preparation of the Code of Good Corporate Governance (COGCG) begins with the Aero Tour Kick-Off held at Hotel Borobudur, Jakarta, which followed the Board of Directors, Commissioners Aero Tours and its subsidiaries. Furthermore Aero Tours conduct an assessment process conducted by the BPKP. BPKP assessment results produced seventy-seven recommendations are used as the basis for improving the implementation of GCG in the Aero Tour. One of the recommendations BPKP is preparing the Code of Good Corporate Governance (COGCG) Aero Tour.

GCG team drafting manuals such as the Code of Conduct, Coporate Policy Manual, and several Charter. The draft was discussed with Tim GCG Aero Tours, further discussed in the Joint Meeting of Directors and Commissioners. Finally, the approved draft is determined by the Directors Letters.

Determination of Whistleblowing Policy
Good Corporate Governance Guidelines
Business Ethics and Behavior Guidelines
Gratification Control Policy
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Our commitment to delivering innovative and creative catering service is realized through our innovative customer-oriented approach, in which our expertise and experience are recognized in various awards and certifications.


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Our highly dedicated management and staff work hand-in-hand to serve our business partners from various industrie with premium products and services that are excelled at market demand and customer satisfaction.






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