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Aerowisata Group Board of Director Hand over Ceremony

Jakarta, Aerofood ACS - Located at the Aerowisata Building, Aerowisata held Director handover ceremony of PT Aerofood Indonesia/Aerofood ACS. The signing was done by Mr. Budi Santoso, previous (acting) President Director of PT Aerofood Indonesia, Mr. Ferry Toga , previous Finance Director of PT Aerofood Indonesia, Mrs. Grace Purukan , New President Director of PT [...]

2019-07-04T16:51:07+07:00 27 March 2018|

Aerofood ACS received commendation from Japan Airlines

Jakarta, Aerofood ACS - National Flag Carrier of Japan, Japan Airlines, has awarded Aerofood ACS for its quality performance for “No Ramp Incident for Twenty-Two Consecutive Years”. Aerofood ACS always ensure the quality service given to its customers. Aerofood ACS considers food safety in terms of production and delivery as its priority. [...]

2019-07-04T16:51:15+07:00 20 February 2018|