Natural scenery is a natural beauty that can be perceived through the components of the eye in the five human senses. [1] Natural landscape sketches in painting usually consist of components such as trees, bushes, land, hills, valleys, water or a number of man-made objects such as houses, bridges, cars etc. [2] Natural scenery is something that needs to be protected or maintained because it aims to protect the beauty of nature. [3] Indonesia is one country that has quite a lot of interesting and beautiful natural landscapes, for example the Sianok country (Sianok canyon) in West Sumatra which is one of the tourism potentials with its beautiful natural phenomena. [3] Indonesia has a lot of potential natural beauty that has a very diverse appeal so that Indonesia is one of the most desirable countries for tourism purposes. [4] In addition to the potential natural scenery, Indonesia is also a country that is rich in culture so that with its own variety and appeal offered by Indonesia makes Indonesia a quite interesting area to visit. [4] In natural landscape painting activities is one of the most popular objects. [5]