PRIDE Facility Management Service (PRIDE) is here to serve building maintenance and cleaning in a professional way so that you could focus on the main goal in your business.

Serving your needs in providing catering in various sectors, such as In-Flight, Hospitals, Offices, Schools, Oil, Mining & Gas, located in several big cities and remote areas. Aerofood ACS is not only performing in Catering Service, but also playing an important role as a remote area camp service provider which cover all kind of supporting service such as Laundry, Housekeeping, Public Area Cleaning, Ground Maintenance, and Building Maintenance. Armed with this experience, Aerofood ACS developed its field of expertise to become Facility Management Service provider, with PRIDE Facility Management Service as our Branding. Until now, PRIDE has a number of clients – including: office buildings, hotels, apartments, factories/manufacturing, and warehouses – which are spread out in the areas of Bogor, Cengkareng, Cikarang, Cibitung, Surabaya, Bali and Medan.

Commercial laundry provides laundry services for inflight service, hotels and home requirements, supported by quality machinery, control and finishing, guarantee the best result commercial laundry can offer.

Our Facility Management Services provide maintenance and cleaning services for Factories, Hospitals, Office Buildings, Schools, Learning Centers, and Petroleum, Gas, & Mining Companies.

Our type of services:
1. Public Area Cleaning
2. Housekeeping Service
3. High Rise Cleaning
4. Gardening Service

Our Commitment:
1. Providing quality services that have high standards of cleanliness and sanitation.
2. Skilled employees who are trained regularly in a professional manner so they are able to work with the best method.
3. Using quality equipment and products to achieve maximum cleanliness and satisfaction.