Boasting 40 years of experience as an internationally recognized airline catering provider, Aerofood ACS being a part of national flag carrier Garuda Indonesia has maintained its reputation in delivering premium services with best-in-class food and beverage products.

The success of the company stretches back to its establishment in 1974, during which the business was operated under the name PT Aero Garuda Dairy Farm in corporation with Hong Kong based Dairy Farm. Later the business changed its name to PT Angkasa Citra Sarana Catering Service, and in 1991 was operated under the brand ACS (Aerowisata Catering Services).

While propelling its businesses forward, in 2010 Aerowisata Group as the holding company launched a new brand logo to strengthen the images of the company and its subsidiaries. In the same year, PT Aerowisata Catering Services changed its name to PT Aerofood Indonesia with Aerofood ACS as the trademark. The new brand logo indeed shows stronger commitment that breathes out higher spirit to drive the Jakarta based Aerofood ACS to spread its wings wider.

Aerofood ACS has operated its branches in Jakarta, Denpasar, Surabaya, Medan, Balikpapan, Yogyakarta, Bandung and Lombok. Within this year of 2014, Pekanbaru branch is slated to commence Aerofood ACS operations.

Currently, Aerofood ACS employs more than 6,000 professionals and is regarded as the leader in its field, with premium quality products and in-flight logistic services delivered 40 international and domestic commercial airlines, as well as catering services to over 20 blue ribbon companies across Indonesia. Combined with the company’s outstanding customer-oriented approach, Aerofood ACS in 2013 earned a prestigious recognition as the 2013 Indonesian Airline Support Service Provider by Frost & Sullivan.

For the years to come, Aerofood ACS has set plans to continuously improve the service excellence by means of proactively seeking more business opportunities and developing more innovative approaches to stay ahead of market demands and expectations.

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The World Class Food Service Company


– To provide food and service solutions to meet customers delight
– To enhance organization capability by accelerating human capital development and innovating process & technology
– To maximize company’s values for stakeholders by achieving global recognition.

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In running its business activities, Aerowisata applies standards of ethics complied with the corporate values Integrity, Professional, Synergy and Care for Environment.


Being consistent in thought, speech, and deed by upholding honesty, transparency, ethics, and resoluteness in any condition.


Working wholeheartedly in a smart and discipline manner, that is oriented to excellent service and customer satisfaction, in order to attain maximum result with optimum efforts in accordance with authority, responsibility, rules, exemplary actions, norms, and profession’s code of conduct.


Being able to establish and build quality cooperation in order to generate added values, with mutual respect, mutual trust, mutual openness, and mutual benefit.


Building and improving positive awareness on the significance of moral and social responsibilities, as well as creating healthy, safe, and comfortable environment for the sustainability of the company and quality community life.

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The Directors are responsible in leading the management of the Company in order to achieve goals, objectives and target performances in preserving and managing Company assets.

Ade Ruchyat Susardi
President Commisioner

Aryaperwira Adileksana

Bambang Sujatmiko

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Sis Handaya Azis
President & CEO

Pengantar 1
Pengantar 2

Happy 44th Anniversary Aerofood ACS, Happy Anniversary to all of us.

On December 23, 2018 Aerofood ACS is turning 44 years old, a very mature age for a company. I am sure that we have done so much to keep the company growing and developing. At the age of 44 this year, our production level has reached 120,000 meals per day, a remarkable achievement and pride of the creation of all Aerofood ACS employees.

On this occasion I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to all stakeholders, especially Aerofood ACS employees for their dedication. With this mature age, now is the time for us to start looking at far more challenging future. A new era with massive economic and technological changes that cannot be detained. Proven that companies with high innovation and creativity dominate the business development, like Traveloka, Go-Jek, Tokopedia, and other start-up companies competing to create new things beyond the limits of consumer needs. Now it’s time to change!

Being a reflection question for us, what have we done in the spirit of change? Maybe some things are still the same and run as usual, having a Business as Usual (BAU) mindset, maybe even seen as a step back if we look at a further perspective. Daring to get out of your comfort zone is a necessity and necessity.

Have we ever thought, how many times have we felt behind ideas or creativity? Then our competitors suddenly launch new innovations that we never thought about them before and in the end we become upset. If all this time we are satisfied when we able to solve a problem or meet customer demands, then be assured that this is actually not enough.  It is far more challenging to create something new beyond what is needed by the customer. Creating value, beyond customer expectation!

I am very proud to be in the midst of a team that has a high spirit. During these 80 days, collaborating with employees, many ideas have been conveyed. And not a few have been carried out. All employees from various layers were very enthusiastic when talking about how to make this company better in the future. All of this happens because of mindset changing and human capital are the main source of strength.

We need to leave the old mindset to make a better product or service to satisfy customers. It’s time to build a new mindset to find hidden need from customers.

Let’s unite our ranks, believe that we will be able to go through all of this if we work with a sincere heart, continue to build enthusiasm, don’t complain and don’t make excuse, it’s better to fail than not try at all, because failure is the best teacher to make changes.

Don’t be afraid to change and don’t hesitate to create something new for our services and for customers, just do it!

Done is better than perfect (Sheryl Sandberg), but it still doesn’t mean that “done” is just enough, we have to pursue perfection.
If we chase perfection, we can catch excellence (Vince Lombardi).

Finally, once again, happy anniversary Aerofood ACS and congratulations to all of us. Don’t forget to always thank God, the power that has given you the power to make changes. One more, no less important is staying close to the family, because the family is one source of inspiration and strength in work.

At this moment, please allow me to deliver a Happy Christmas for those who celebrate, and Happy New Year 2019!

Always stay young, revive and change our spirit to be better throughout the new year.

Flash back 2018 dan sambut New Normal 2019

Tahun 2018 sudah berlalu dan mari kita sambut tahun 2019 dengan suka cita. Banyak hal sudah kita lalui, membuat suatu yang baru, mendapati surprise, kegembiraan dan juga kesedihan. Pentingnya kita untuk mempelajari masa lalu (flash back), dan mengambil hikmah untuk masa depan yang lebih baik.

Secara umum, kinerja Aerofood tahun 2018 membaik dibanding tahun sebelumnya dengan pertumbuhan 6% (Revenue per November 2018), namun yang perlu dicatat bahwa dalam rentang 3 tahun terakhir banyak tantangan bisnis yang kita hadapi. Hal ini akan semakin meneguhkan tekad kita untuk semakin solid menghadapi perubahan dinamika bisnis, pantang menyerah dan selalu bersemangat untuk menciptakan yang baru.

Meminjam istilah yang sering dilontarkan oleh DZ, bahwa saat ini kita harus siap menghadapi Kenormalan Baru (New Normal), dimana bisnis harus mampu menciptakan more for less economy, menyatukan yang sama dan mengurangi duplikasi. Perubahan perilaku ekonomi ini didukung dengan perkembangan teknologi yang menciptakan keefisienan nyaris tanpa batas, dengan teknologi digital kita dipaksa untuk menggunakan asset sesedikit mungkin agar mendapatkan manfaat sebesar besarnya.

Trend saat ini, pesaing tidak lagi datang dari perusahaan sejenis, tapi justru dari usaha rintisan yang tiba-tiba datang tanpa diduga dan bisa mangancam petahana. Tentunya kita ingat fenomena Go-jek, Tokopedia, Traveloka dan lainnya yang kemunculannya secara tiba tiba mampu merontokkan kejumawaan petahana. Ini adalah fenomena new normal yang saat ini kita hadapi tanpa bisa dihindari, terlepas kita suka atau tidak suka.

Sebagai flash back 2018, saya mengajak rekan rekan semua untuk menjadikan tahun ini sebagai penanda menguatnya peran Aerofood di industri catering. Banyak milestone atau masterpiece yang sudah kita capai, namun banyak pula yang harus kita perbaiki khususnya dalam hal mengatasi resiko bisnis. Hal ini penting untuk kita selalu mawas diri dan terus melakukan transformasi, hanya dengan sikap mau menerima perubahan dan belajar dari pengalaman, kita tidak ingin mengulang kesalahan yang sama. Jangan ragu untuk melangkah (berubah), mari rapatkan barisan, satukan langkah untuk menghadapi hari esok yang lebih baik.

Selamat Tahun Baru 2019, Selamat menikmati New Normal.

CEO : Boedi Soeharto

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Sis Handaya Azis
President & CEO

Ahmad Irfan Nasution
Director of Finance and Human Capital

Marcello Massie
Director of Business Development

Marcello Massie started his career at Aerofood ACS in Mei 2008 as Customer Service Manager at Aerofood ACS Cengkareng. Within his 10 years of work, he had appointed in several strategic positions in Aerofood ACS before his current assignment as Business Development Director.

S. Hartoto started his career at Aerofood ACS since 1999. Holding Diploma from Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bandung in 1995 and Bachelor Degree majoring in Economy, he has been involved through his most career in the production department. He was assigned as Corporate Chef from 2008 to 2009. During his management assignment, he worked as General Manager In-Flight Service Total Solution (ISTS) in 2009 and promoted as Vice President ISTS (In-Flight Logistic, Garuda Executive Lounge, and Laundry). And now, he is assigned as Director of Operational since August 2019.

Sam Hartoto
Director of Operational

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Emil Fadilah is experienced in production and operation management with his previous career as Production and Marketing Manager. He joined Aerofood ACS as Logistic Manager in 2012 and the year after promoted as Executive Manager Operation for In-Flight Service Total Solution (ISTS). After being trusted as General Manager, he was promoted as Vice President Industrial Catering in April 2017. And his recent position is Vice President Corporate Planning & Business Development.

Emil Fadilah
Vice President Corporate Planning & Business Development

Adji Wibowo
Vice President Corporate Secretary, Legal & General Affair

Sapto Adji Wibowo joined Aerofood ACS as Training Supervisor in 1992. He was previously Management Trainee in Aerowisata Group. He received his law degree in 1989 from University of Diponegoro. He was experienced in working in several roles such as Training Supervisor, General Affairs Manager, Corporate Legal Manager, Senior Manager Human Capital & Corporate Secretary and also Senior Manager Corporate Secretary. He was promoted as Vice President Corporate Secretary, Legal & General Affairs in March 2017.

Tubagus Rama Maulana graduated from Trisakti University majoring in Industrial Technology. He started his career at Garuda Indonesia in 2011. Having experienced in purchasing, strategic procurement, budgeting and cost control, he was promoted as Senior Manager Inflight Cost Control in 2017. His last position in Garuda Indonesia was Senior Manager Inflight Performance Management. In March 2019, he was assigned as VP Strategic Sourcing in Aerofood ACS.

Tubagus Rama Maulana
VP Strategic Sourcing

Kiki Cempaka Yusbar
VP Finance

Hoerip Satyagraha
VP Human Capital

Ir. Ni Made Aryagandhi
VP Quality Assurance

VP Accounting

Yosafat Sunaryanto
VP Corporate Security

VP ISTS & Supply Chain

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Company Policy Manual was developed with the intention to become a reference for the implementation of actions and decisions in PT Aero Wisata (hereinafter referred to as Aerofood) in the operations. The preparation was done by continuing and refining the policies that have been there, and equip it so that more relevant again with the current situation and plans for activities in the future.

Company Policy Manual Aerofood is the highest ranking in the hierarchy of two levels of Goods Policy. At the second stage there is a set of Functional Policy, among others: HR, Operations, Information, Finance & Accounting, Risk Management and other Functional Policy are described in the Standard Operating Procedure.

Company Policy Manual includes the core rules are used, and is a reference to all policies, systems, standard operating procedures and guidelines. Policy is a set of functional descriptions of the policies that apply at the Company, which jointly serve as the reference in the management and implementation of all systems and procedures.

In addition to being a reference in execution of its activities, the Company Policy Manual also serves as a guide in conducting surveillance, and simultaneously became the criteria that examiners in assessing the validity (validity) of all decisions and regulations issued by the Company. Regulations, decisions or statements of any kind is also contrary to the contents of this Corporate Policy Manual thus declared invalid. Accordingly, the Company Policy Manual Aero Tours intact function in the regulation of the Company.

Company Policy Manual is prohibited reprinted, copied or reproduced in any way without the written consent of the Director. Any additions or repairs Company Policy Manual must obtain written approval from the Board of Directors and acknowledged by the Board of Commissioners.


Aerofood committed to implementing practices of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) in achieving its vision and mission Aerofood. Business Ethics and Conduct Guidelines This is one form of commitment. This guide sets out the values (values) into the interpretation of eminent

Aerofood behavior related to Business Ethics and Conduct.

Aerowisata applicable ethical standards based on the values Aerowisata believed to be of superior value, namely FLY-HI, which include: efficient & effective, Loyalty, customer centricitY, openness and Honesty & Integrity in business and behave in relation with the motto “One Team One Spirit One Goal. The man of Aerowisata encourage all to always uphold and implement value-FLY-HI values.

Business Ethics and Conduct Guidelines are structured to be a reference to the Commissioners, Directors, Leaders, and Staff, as Insan Aerofood manage to achieve the vision, mission and objectives Aerowisata.


Good Corporate Governance is a process and structure used by the organs of the company to increase the success of efforts to create shareholder value over the long term with due regard to the interests of other stakeholders, based on legislation and ethical values.

The process of preparation of the Code of Good Corporate Governance (COGCG) begins with the Aero Tour Kick-Off held at Hotel Borobudur, Jakarta, which followed the Board of Directors, Commissioners Aero Tours and its subsidiaries. Furthermore Aero Tours conduct an assessment process conducted by the BPKP. BPKP assessment results produced seventy-seven recommendations are used as the basis for improving the implementation of GCG in the Aero Tour. One of the recommendations BPKP is preparing the Code of Good Corporate Governance (COGCG) Aero Tour.

GCG team drafting manuals such as the Code of Conduct, Coporate Policy Manual, and several Charter. The draft was discussed with Tim GCG Aero Tours, further discussed in the Joint Meeting of Directors and Commissioners. Finally, the approved draft is determined by the Directors Letters.

Determination of Whistleblowing Policy
Good Corporate Governance Guidelines
Business Ethics and Behavior Guidelines
Gratification Control Policy
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Our commitment to delivering innovative and creative catering service is realized through our innovative customer-oriented approach, in which our expertise and experience are recognized in various awards and certifications.


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Our highly dedicated management and staff work hand-in-hand to serve our business partners from various industrie with premium products and services that are excelled at market demand and customer satisfaction.






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